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Responses to FOIA requests

The following list details official responses to FOIA requests received by the Corporation of Harpers Ferry since 1 July 2019. For more information concerning FOIA requests, click here.

FOIA Date From Request summary Response Date WVSOS Entry
20190802 Myles Morse 2019 campaign financial statements Granted 20190821 78322
20190818 Jerry Hutton Correspondence regarding hearing on contested ballots and recusal of Council members whose elections could be invalidated Granted 20190821 78402
20190827 Zak Ritchie, Esq. Emails, letters, responses, and check received for election recount Granted 20190828 78401
20191204 Matthew Umstead Town's General Counsel billable hours Granted 20191211 79750
20191217 Wayne Bishop Letter sent by Recorder requesting investigation concerning security of provisional ballots at center of an election contest Granted 20191218 79871
20200113 Toni Milbourne Letter from SWaN dated October 25, 2019 Granted 20200113 81529
20200124 Myles Morse Record of interviews re: Sheriff's office, ballots Granted 20200210 81525
20200221 Jim Jenkins Fees and expenses paid by Town re: election contest, WV SB657 Granted 20200304 81527
20200221 Christy Huddle Wages and responsibilities of Town Clerk and Office Coordinator Granted 20200226 81526
20200302 Karen Merrick Postage meter equipment used by Harpers Ferry Water Plant Granted 20200304 81530
20200707 Christy Huddle Past and current wages of Town employees since beginning of current mayor's term Granted 20200721 82834
20200714 Christy Huddle Verification of pay increase for Water Clerk Granted 20200721 NA
20200728 Edmund Zaballa Blueprints for buildings N/A 20200730 NA


The information disclosed above is considered to be public information. Some details may be redacted for legal compliance as appropriate.

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